Peter maffay: corona deniers harm society

Peter maffay: corona deniers harm society

Rock star peter maffay sharply criticizes some fellow musicians’ comments on the corona pandemic. "People who deny corona are harming society. That is my conviction. And they don’t just harm themselves, but above all others," the 71-year-old told the podcast "die wochentester" of the "kolner stadt-anzeiger".

He considers the negation of an existing problem to be "completely wrong". "Corona is a circumstance that you have to accept because it is there. To deny it, I consider extremely dangerous and extremely wrong."

Recently, singer michael wendler (48, "egal") declared his withdrawal from the RTL show "deutschland sucht den superstar" (germany is looking for a superstar), citing the actions of the federal government and the media in the corona pandemic. On wednesday, nena (60) triggered controversial discussions about possible conspiracy theories with a ratselhaften post on instagram – her management emphasized, however, that nena does not count itself to the camp of the corona deniers. Colleague xavier naidoo (49) commented on the singer’s post; he himself has recently repeatedly appeared in connection with conspiracy myths.

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Olympic stage for bach’s re-election remains untouched

Olympic stage for Bach's re-election remains untouched

For thomas bach’s departure into his last term of office, the olympic stage in tokyo is to remain as unchanged as possible in 2021 as well.

Shortly after the president of the international olympic committee declared his renewed candidacy for the top job, the organizers of the summer games, which have been postponed until next year, announced that they would stick to the original arenas and schedules for the competitions. According to bach’s wishes, the "fundamental elements of the games" are to be preserved despite the consequences of the corona crisis. Olympia in tokyo will be a "symbol of resilience and hope," bach asserted.

With his announcement that he would seek re-election for the maximum possible four years, the 66-year-old from tauberbischofsheim had seriously disrupted the timetable of the IOC’s general assembly. Bach, who has been in office since 2013, was delighted to receive the long praise of the members of the ring circle at the session, which was organized for the first time as a video session. Rougher resistance or even an opposing candidate are hardly to be expected in the election planned for spring 2021.

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Quantity of corona tests puts usa to the test

quantity of corona tests puts usa to the test

Hundreds of thousands of corona tests a day are putting the united states to the test – longer wait times could make it harder to track down people with the disease. Recently, reports and complaints had been piling up on social networks.

Accordingly, in some parts of the country, test results may not be available for a week or more. However, the longer a potentially infected person has to wait, the more difficult it is to trace infected contacts. Even a negative result has only limited significance after a certain period of time, because the person in question could also have been infected in the meantime.

"The continuing high demand has put a strain on our testing capacity and caused the delays in the results," one of the leading companies for testing, quest diagnostics, announced. The ability to further increase capacity is limited, mainly due to a lack of supply of necessary chemicals, among other things. "We appreciate the efforts of our suppliers, who are working to deliver these goods as quickly as possible to us and other laboratory suppliers, while global demand is increasing."

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Summery marginal notes: car ride with a wasp

summery marginal notes: car ride with a wasp

Of course it's summer. Somehow. But it is also corona. Everything feels different. It's as if you can't believe everything you think. Above all, this summer consists of nothing. Many things were and are closed. Almost everything fails. Just gone. In kitzingen an entire museum disappears. In spain a real king. The nothing is not already. Already the old philosophers knew: better a square something than a round nothing.

So, while almost everything has disappeared, they are still there: the wasps. And so, at least here, everything is as usual: you can't have as many sun stings and eat as many bee stings as you get wasp stings. Yellow and black kamikaze planes. About the eleven species of wasps native to central europe, it can be said that they all live with me. After a long study i know about the wasps: one species is only there to pounce on the ice. Two species fly exclusively to plum cake and have rocket propulsion. The rest fall over everything and are only satisfied when the day ends with at least one successful stitch.

What is supposed to help against wasps

Self-proclaimed wasp experts like to tell you that you should rub copper muzzles between your fingers and then spread them elegantly on the table – supposedly wasps don't like the smell of copper. Also coffee scent and the evaporation of the basil are to protect. The only problem is: unfortunately the wasps don't know about all this. What's more, when you tell the wasps about it, they laugh at you and then demand that you hand over the last bit of bee sting.

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Tv oldie “in aller freundschaft” shows 900. Follow

tv oldie 'in aller freundschaft' shows 900. Follow

Initially, 36 episodes were planned, but now there are a few more: this tuesday, the 900th episode of the hospital series "in aller freundschaft" will be broadcast. Episode aired in the first.

The title of the anniversary episode is "deep wounds. The responsible broadcaster MDR promises: "it will be highly dramatic."

The long-running TV series went on the air on 26 september. October 1998. According to the station, around five million viewers follow the stories from the fictional sachsenklinik every week. MDR television film director jana brandt explains the success with a "mixture of emotional personal stories, interesting disease traps and a dash of escapism."

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The end for a project of the heart

The end for a project of the heart

Gudrun jochner lived her dream for twelve years. In her courtyard cafe in gemunda, she pampered guests with fine baked goods, breads or meals. But now this: "the poppy bee says goodbye", jochner announced via a circular letter to all "poppy bees" just two weeks ago-fans. A letter that surprised its addressees as much as it did the readers of the seblach official gazette and newsletter, in which it also announced the end of its heartfelt project.

No, the step was certainly not easy for the operator. "I hoped for a positive development until the very end", admits the trained home economist. In may, she had already reacted to the wait-and-see trend in her company caused by the corona pandemic. After lockdown and restrictions had almost completely taken away her income from the hofcafe, jochner announced at that time that she would only offer coffee and cake on sundays for the time being. Shortly before that, she had returned to her original profession as a medical assistant, which severely limited her time for baking cakes and pies. "No one can predict how long and in what form these conditions will last," says thomas geppert, she justified her move.

In addition to the farm store, which jochner has run with her family for over 25 years, the housekeeper built up a second mainstay with the cafe twelve years ago. A project in which she invested a lot of heart and soul. Whether for family celebrations, senior citizens’ meetings or club gatherings, for bus tours, hiking groups or walkers, the "poppy bee" was the place to be as a worthwhile starting point. An average of 13 events per month were still held here in 2019. "It meant a lot of work, but it also gave us many wonderful experiences and a lot of joy, she describes in retrospect.

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What is the future of the romerlager in marktbreit??

What is the future of the romerlager in marktbreit??

What is the future of the romer camp in marktbreit?? First hear what the state office for the preservation of historical monuments has to say was the motto of the cultural committee on thursday evening. Mayor harald kopp should now inform the office about the ideas of the city council so far and ask for a discussion.

During an archaeological overflight in 1985, the camp was discovered, which, at 37 hectares, probably housed around 12,000 soldiers. The area above the city on the kapellenberg, built around the turn of the century, probably only existed for a few years and was abandoned again after the battle of varus. After excavations by the preservation of historical monuments, the land was returned to its original use as an agricultural flat.

Today there is a circular hiking trail and eight plaques that provide information about the camp. But the city would like to show more of it, for example with a lookout tower and the indication of the corner points of the camp, just to make the dimension clear. Ideas that keep popping up and then disappearing into drawers.

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30 Years of the heiligenfeld hospital group: a holistic ceremony

30 years of the heiligenfeld hospital group: a holistic ceremony

"30 years of heiligenfeld – a success story" – this is how moderator christian schwarz described the development of the psychosomatic-oriented clinic group. The focus of the anniversary event in the rossini hall was on the "founding fathers fritz lang and dr. Joachim galuska, who was thanked on the one hand for his entrepreneurial courage and on the other hand for the corporate culture he lived by.

Despite the corona pandemic, the company group invited guests to an anniversary event to thank long-time companions. The current exceptional situation also confronts the heiligenfeld clinics with new challenges, which on the one hand encouraged reflection on the existing and on the other hand called for an outlook on the coming decades – as in the invitation to the festive ceremony, which took place under hygiene and distance regulations.

A holistic approach

The guests were buried with a series of pictures, starting from the "stammhaus" in bad kissingen once again showed the development stages of the company group. The managing directors stephan greb, michael lang and birgit winzek as well as dr. Jorg ziegler, the medical director, accompanied the photographic animation with texts that clarified the holistic aspirations of heiligenfeld. Michael lang then buried the guests and thanked them "for having the courage to celebrate with us". His special greeting was directed at the "farmers with families", who 30 years ago laid the foundations for entrepreneurial cooperation and teamwork: "the result is a deeply value-oriented company!". Birgit winzek then referred to the images that have emerged in the joint work of employees and patients, and whose framework 16 concepts such as spirituality, sense of community, humanity or ecology form the "essence of the company" represent and developed within the framework of an entrepreneurial guiding principle.

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