Shift to the left expected in parliamentary elections in the czech republic

Shift to the left expected in parliamentary elections in the czech republic

The social democrats could thus become the strongest force and possibly govern the country with the support of the communists. "This country can’t stand any more right-wing reforms," party leader bohuslav sobotka said in a final debate. Voters can still cast their ballots on saturday.

Whether a red-red alliance between social democrats (CSSD) and communists (KSCM) will be enough in the end is a matter of suspense. It would be the first toleration of a government by the orthodox communists since the democratic change of 1989. Opponents spoke of a "dangerous signal" and a "jolt to the east".

Activists unveiled a giant caricature of russian president vladimir putin in protest at the site of a former stalin monument in prague. "We must not allow the dark past to repeat itself", they announced.

The protest party ANO of the billionaire and businessman andrej babis achieved a double-digit result at the first attempt. He wants to run the state like a family business "for the good of the citizens, not for the good of the politicians," babis said. On the very first day of the elections, the newcomer in the prague subway gave away berlins from one of his coarse bakeries to potential voters with media attention.

5899 candidates vie for the votes of more than 8.4 million eligible voters – a record number. The new election had become necessary after the former liberal-conservative coalition collapsed in the summer over a spying scandal. Currently, a transitional government leads the country.