Price for deusterareal negotiated

Price for deusterareal negotiated

A "little information" on the 33 million euro state archives construction project almost disappeared in the budget session of the kitzingen city council on thursday evening. Mayor siegfried muller announced the result of the negotiations on the sale of the building plot in the deuster area in passing: "we were able to agree on the price you had set."

Muller did not say how much the city could expect to receive. A draft contract with the real estate freistaat bavaria – a state-owned enterprise – is now being drawn up, the oberburg mayor said in response to an inquiry. The purchase of around 8,500 square meters on the 1.9-hectare site on the northern bypass would then be decided by the state parliament’s budget committee. He expects to sign the purchase agreement before the summer break, declared siegfried muller.

The new building of the state archives on the long-abandoned land is part of the home program of finance minister markus soder. The long-disputed move from wurzburg to kitzingen had been pushed forward and in december, during a visit to the town hall, he virtually promised the project.

If now everything runs normally, soders timeline could fit. He envisages that the facility with its 17 employees will open its doors in 2022 at the latest. No easy undertaking. Eventually, 24 kilometers of files that have been stored in the wurzburg residence and the marienberg fortress will have to be transported to kitzingen.

The building of the state archives is a gain for kitzingen – apart from the image. The land, which has been lying fallow since 1997, will be put to good use one day. In addition, the chamber of commerce can be pleased: according to a market analysis by the committee of experts in the district office, at least 500,000 euros (between 57 and 76 euros per square meter) were due. However: the city once paid 2.5 million euros for the former 2.5 hectare site.