Bruckenau’s women fight off schweinfurt

Bruckenau's women fight off schweinfurt

FC bad bruckenau – TSV lohr II 27:25 (13:13).

Although FC bad bruckenau is on course for a surprisingly high finish in the upper district league, FC coach oliver hilbert-probeck remains relaxed: "our goal is to hold on to third place until the end of the season. Everything else is a bonus." Even after the hard-fought victory against the bavarian league reserve team from lohr, the sinnstadters are far from being overconfident. No wonder: the FC men are always struggling with rough fluctuations in performance, but at their home games in the romershag witch’s cauldron, they thrive on the emotionality that spills over from the stands onto the united team. TSV lohr II, with its fighting spirit, is already eyeing the landesliga again and was accordingly highly motivated against the sinnstadters. Hard work for the impartial maximilian muller and tobias schramm, who benefited from their bavarian league experience and did not lose their cool despite constant turbulence on the pitch. It was a dogged battle at eye level, with bad bruckenau rarely able to get their beloved tempo game rolling. Bruckenau had a rough time with the brawny all-rounder mischa bauer. The uncompromising lohr cover, which always looks static like a rock block, but ingeniously closes the gaps at its own circle, was also not particularly palatable to the FC players. It took a concentrated energy performance up to the last second to force the spessart handballers to their knees, who had traveled to rhon with a cash-strong squad. At the end, fans and players chanted together: "here reigns the F-C-B."Bit

Goals for bad bruckenau: simon dietrich (13/13), simon weiner (4), alexander bauer (4), nick schumm (3), michael muller (2), fabian peter (1).

FC bad bruckenau – MHV schweinfurt 28:25 (13:11).

There you go. The second win of the season in the upper district league is under wraps. Against physically strong schweinfurt players, who never gave up during the hard-fought game, the two points were extremely hard-earned, but highly deserved. "The madels have worked together and stood well in the defense", praised coach michael pragmann his team. "The decisive factor was that we consistently took playmaker sonja unger out of the game, right from the start." The fight to stay in the league is not completely hopeless. Symbolic for the regained desire to fight for relegation was lena ubelacker, who gave her all against the experienced schweinfurt players and did not shy away from any fight, no matter how biting it was. Michael pragmann had the form-strong torhuterin larissa schneider set up from the beginning, which went highly concentrated and effectively to werke. When keeper annalena loser entered the fray in the thrilling final period, she slotted in seamlessly and continued her teammate’s strong performance. Even shock moments like the red card against sophie gundelach, an intermediate schweinfurt chase and injury interruptions were well absorbed by the team. FC pressure player gundelach had slightly pushed an opponent in the air with her hands; the disqualification was surprising in view of the overall uncompromising game. Even if the insecurity of the FC women still shone through in some scenes when avoidable mistakes were made, there were clearly more bright spots than dark sides. "We put too many free throws over the gate; we still have to work on that", according to the trainer. Great tempo counterattacks, courageous finishes from the back and thrilling duels at the opponent’s circle should give the team new courage.Bit

Goals for bad bruckenau: jennifer frank (9/2), anna pragmann (7), sophie gundelach (4), lena ubelacker (4/2), theresa loser (2), sabrina beck (1), marie konig (1).

DJK nudlingen – TSV mellrichstadt 31:33 (16:16).

TSV mellrichstadt is now top of the table, but in the only district league match at the weekend, a surprise was always in the cards for the tough outsiders. "We played super great. The 6:0 defense covered consistently and in front we finished our moves well", DJK coach harry rauch enthused about his team, which held a draw against the towering favorites at the break in front of a good crowd in the schlossberghalle, and at times even led by two goals in this derby. "After the changeover, we were always behind, but the mellrichstadter couldn’t pull away", said harry rauch. The game was decided between minutes 50 and 56, when the guests went on a 5:1 run to 31:26, with four goals from the outstanding sebastian gith, who scored his 16 (!) goals scored mainly on the counterattack or through the eaves. "But after that we showed morale and fought for each other. It’s a shame that we didn’t make enough of a 6:4 advantage and didn’t reward ourselves", the DJK coach analyzed the final phase of a great handball game.Js

Goals for nudlingen: bastian kiesel (10/4), julius rauch (5), jonas rendl (5), kilian gebner (3), vincent przybilla (3/1), andreas petsch (2), alexander schmitt (1), kai kunzmann (1), philip guntner (1).

SG garitz/nudlingen – TSG estenfeld II 30:11 (15:6).

The 6:1 lead after twelve minutes was adequate "nevertheless, we had a hard time at the beginning", reports SG spokeswoman elena kebler. Probably a mental problem, because the table leader had not been given the points in the first leg; and it had to be feared that the TSG could show up with players of their first team. The opposite was the case, so that the SG women had an easy game against the rump troop of the guests. "In a very fair game, we were therefore able to take turns", according to elena kebler. In the remaining five games, only two wins are needed to win the district league championship. Formality, the goal should rather be to bring the season over the stage without any loss of points: as a promoted team.Js

Goals for the team: milena schmitt (9/3), marina titt (5), katrin busse (4), elena kebler (3), sarah zintl (3), nadja heer (2), pia steinegger (2), melissa schafer (1), sophie hippler (1).

SG garitz/nudlingen II – HSG volkach II 25:21 (12:11).

Volkach’s first team was not playing, but the guests only had their second team, so that after the SG’s lightning start with three goals by hanna mahlmeister, a game of eye level developed with a narrow lead for the team at the break. Even after the restart, the HSG women remained close until 13:13, before the schlossberg-madels, who were reinforced with some B-juniors, were able to pull away a bit. The team from volkach could not get closer than two goals, because the effort was right and especially hanna mahlmeister and melissa schafer were not stingy with goals. The team thus maintains its chance of a good midfield position in the district class.Js

Goals for the SG reserve: hanna mahlmeister (9), melissa schafer (9/3), pia steinegger (4), marina titt (1), anna-lena hochemer (1), lina potsch (1).

TV/DJK hammelburg – HSV bergtheim III 29:12 (12:4).

In the clear success against bergtheim’s third, hammelburg’s goalkeeper sandra fischer only had to make four saves thanks to an attentive cover in half-time one. In the forward play, the hammelburg attacking wave steadily increased the lead. Bergtheim found no concept against the variable attacking play of the home team. Especially the counter-attacks were completed over several stations, especially by annika keller and lena doschko. On the half-left attack position lea schlereth knew to use her free spaces. Bernhard hereth was allowed the liberty to replace the etatmabige seven-meter-guard laura finke with others. "Unfortunately they could not take their chance", according to the hammelburg coach.Spy

Goals for hammelburg: annika keller (8), nicole simon (5), lea schlereth (5), nicole schroter (4), lea doschko (2), tabea hufner (2), laura finke (2), katrin simon (1).

FC bad bruckenau II – MHV schweinfurt 09 II 32:24 (14:12).

Whether the FC reserve can once again attack at the top will depend entirely on how many players are able to complete the regular training sessions. With mark hannig the bad bruckenauer second had this time a very experienced goalkeeper in the line-up, who has already successfully fought many a battle with the FC. Dominik hufner, who returned to the bad bruckenau handball team after a long absence, was also very convincing with his routine and penetrating power. In a very fair match under the confident direction of referee dirk stumpe, the sinnstadters gradually extended their lead. In view of the extremely effective offensive work of bad bruckenau, the match deserved more spectators.Bit

Goals for bad bruckenau II: dominik hufner (9), urs grewen (7/1), jan markovics (6), tom leidel (3), christian karl (3), moritz schumm (2), florian sulzer (1), sven schulze (1).

TV gerolzhofen – FC bad bruckenau II 18:13 (11:7).

A small delegation from bad bruckenau set off for the steigerwald, where there was nothing to be gained. Under the direction of nadine pragmann, who acted from the bench due to her cruciate ligament rupture, the second representation of the FC women had to chase a constant deficit, which at times did not seem so hopeless. Jana gebhard’s follow-up goal at 11:10 was a glimmer of hope. However, there were also difficult moments to overcome, for example, when the sinnstadters were left with only four players after katharina schneider and jana gebhard received time penalties. It remains a total roller coaster ride for the newly founded reserve around the playmaker katharina probeck. Bit

Goals for bad bruckenau II: katharina probeck (6), jana gebhard (2/1), irina trotno (2), sabine bott (2), katharina schneider (1).