After the winter, we want to make it supple

After the winter, we want to make it supple

In spring, otto bruckner from huttenheim gets back on his motorcycle like many others. Since 2000, the 75-year-old has been driving again. He gladly accepts tips from experienced driving instructors. It was therefore a matter of course for him to take part in the motorcycle safety training organized by the kitzingen traffic police in iphofen.

Not only for him. 208 motorcyclists – male and female, young and old – rode around the test tracks at the knauf company truck park in iphofen on saturday. "An insane number of participants," enthused norbert muller of the kitzingen district traffic watch and police department. "It was a complete success," he says happily together with his colleagues, because last year there had been 111 participants.

Without the numerous helpers the event would not have been possible, muller said and emphasized above all the driving instructors from the kitzingen driving schools, who received support from ochsenfurt. They were available with advice and assistance.

This has been adopted. "I get told what i’m doing wrong," says otto bruckner, "and that can’t hurt". At the age of 18, he had started riding a motorcycle. Until he was 35. "No time, no money, and children," he says with a laugh, explaining his break from driving, which ended in 2000. Now his passion is back. Last year, he even toured ireland on his motorcycle. He has also passed on his safe riding attitude to his son and grandson. "They will still come," he assures.

"After the winter, you’re still a bit stiff," confesses harald gistel from dettelbach. For him, a training ground like this is ideal to get back into training. After all, you have to master cornering. Because that was the attraction, not the fast driving.

Stephan friedlein, trainer in charge of the "conner durch er-fahrung" program at the traffic police, sees the event as a "warm-up" for motorized two-wheelers. "Here they are shown once again what they need to do on the road," explains friedlein.

Harald hufnagel and alfons saugel from the kitzingen police made it clear that this is not just a pipe dream. Because the police had recorded a rapid increase in motorcycle accidents with fatal outcomes.